Project Notes
This project is based on the redesign of a large language learning website. The goals are to reorganize the information architecture, redesign existing content and design a new website. 

The first two layers of the sitemap and the number of pages were listed to understand the main functions. Card sort activities were done with target participants to help restructure the content. Wireframes, mockups and prototypes were made of the homepage, a lesson, quiz and results.
Home Page Updates
The existing structured lesson plan was redesigned into a personal dashboard for guided lessons and easily tracking progress. Completed lessons and only the following three lessons are shown to avoid overwhelming the learner. Updated hero provides encouragement, progress and creates ease for continuation. Related topics have been added to lessons to gain extra practice quickly. Finally, time estimates are displayed so learners can complete lessons within their schedules.
Homepage of a language learning website.
Lesson Updates
Lessons within the guided dashboard are restructured to be more digestible. Learners are provided with the option to view the entire lesson or skip to the quiz anytime.
Three screens from an English lesson.
Quiz Updates
The original quizzes often used drop-down for multiple choice. All the options are now displayed for more straightforward navigation. Learners are provided instant feedback on their answers. The reasoning is provided when the selected answer is incorrect. Closing the test will give the option to save current progress.
Three screens from an English quiz. First, quiz welcome screen. Second, correct answer screen. Third, wrong answer screen.
Results and Statistics
The results page is clean, simplistic and encouraging to ease the learners after completing a lesson and test. Scores are based on the number of questions instead of percentages to provide clarity. Viewing statistics is now optional as some people don't wish to compare themselves to others. Correct answers are now displayed so learners can quickly go over their possible mistakes.
Quiz results screen showing score. Second screen of statistics and answers.
Original Website Analysis 
The first step of this redesign was to plot out how the existing site content is structured in order to understand the main features of the website.  A deep dive is done to understand how each page is named and organized. 
Major Site Features
• Use lessons and tests to learn 
• Use a guided learning process 
• Create tests/lessons 
• Use penpals to practice 
• Forum for questions/feedback 
• Tools for translation 
• Compare test scores

Original site map
Updated site map

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